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2 years warranty

Two years as a condition guaranteed by European standards.

Ecological refrigerant

The R410a is a refrigerant that is widely used in air conditioning, where he replaced the freon after the total ban in European Union countries. It does not contain chlorine atoms this mixture does not harm the ozone layer, for this is considered an environmentally friendly refrigerant.

Sleep mode

The sleep mode is designed to provide maximum comfort during sleep: controls the speed of the air flow and the temperature gradually increases or decreases depending on whether the air conditioner is in cooling mode, or heat pump. The temperature that feels comfortable when we are awake may be too high or too low when we sleep.

Low temperature work

This air conditioner can operate in heat pump at temperatures below zero.

Electric heater

The integrated electrical resistance starts working automatically in heating mode when the temperature drops below 18°C. A safety thermostat, installed to turn off the resistance in case of critical operating conditions. Only for IQ and Power.


The air conditioner is equipped with a special memory: in the case of blackout, once returned to the current, the devices are self-set on the last settings.

Estensione di garanzia +3

Valid only for the italian market.

Hot gas valve

Standard valve set controlled by an electronic control device to decrease the number of defrosting cycles and increase the average efficiency of the air conditioner in heating mode. Only for IQ.

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