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Maxa and respect for the environment

Environmental protection is one of our values which underline the way we act and work. We want to have an active part to protect the environment and the Earth.

Our mission as Maxa Green is:

  • Avoid increasing the already high global warming
  • Promote careful recycling policy component of our products.

How we intend to translate our contribution in concrete actions?

By developing products that aim to save energy through the use of ecological gases that reduce the possibility of leakage of gas in the environment.

Since 2019 we have anticipated the use of refrigerant gas R32 in our heat pumps and air conditioners, gas that has become a MUST for all other operators in the sector. Then we introduced the R290 natural refrigerant gas that guarantees high energy performance (hot water up to 75 ºC) combined with maximum respect for the environment (ODP=0; GWP=3).
The continuous search for new technological solutions, together with investments in the development of heating systems in heat pumps for homes and large areas, are part of the company mission that is fully oriented to the maximization of energy efficiency.

Use of sustainable energy for production

We have introduced our green belief within the company since 2011 with the construction of a first photovoltaic system that was subsequently expanded by taking advantage of the spaces available at the shelters of employee parking and on the coverage of our buildings. In this way, our energy needs are met with almost 350 kW of photovoltaic power.

Component recycling

Respecting the RoHS Directive 2002/95 / EC, which provides for the prohibition and restriction components that use lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium. Registration for the recycling Ridomus conditioners consortium guarantees careful of the equipment components recycling policy air conditioning of household.

Our “mission” is to guarantee the environmental comfort and the human well-being by providing advanced heating and air conditioning solutions; by installing our products where high-quality air conditioning is required, from cold climates to tropical temperatures.

Simone Ferroli