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Technology and progress for over 30 years


Our company was founded in 1992 and since 1996 deals with environmental comfort by designing and distributing products for heating and air conditioning.

Founded by Luciano Ferroli and subsequently passed to the management of his three sons, becoming a S.p.a. in 2005, Maxa Air Conditioning is one of the top 5 italian companies able to design, develop and manufacture Made in Italy heating and air conditioning products.

From our first steps of sale in a competitive market, we are now present on the Italian territory with 50 agencies and in 24 european countries, more than 350 service centers working with us to provide fast and efficient assistance.

With 8 productive lines, we meet the increasing request of inverter heat pumps on both the Italian and foreign market. Our range is characterised by a power of up to 350 kW, the highest available on the market. Maxa has also been present in the air conditioning market for 30 years, starting its approach to this market in 1992. Our range has extensive solutions for residential, commercial and tertiary air conditioning. We pride ourselves on offering one of the widest range of high quality products in the European market, thanks to continuous innovation and the introduction of new products to satisfy the needs of the market.

Our “mission” is to guarantee the environmental comfort and the human well-being by providing advanced heating and air conditioning solutions; by installing our products where high-quality air conditioning is required, from cold climates to tropical temperatures.

Simone Ferroli



From the origins until today.
Travel through every moment of our history.

  • 1970
    The origins
  • 2004
    Foundation Advantix Ltd.
  • 2005
    First sales in foreign countries
  • 2010
    First production line for heat pump inverter from 5 to 15 kW
  • 2011
    Building of the climatic test room
  • 2016
    Build up the fifth production line for inverter heat pumps up to 115 kW
  • 2019
    Construction of the new production plant
  • 2020
    Creation of the five production lines to expand our production
  • 2023
    Introduction of the range of R290 gas heat pumps with expansion of production up to lines 14 and 15.

We develop innovation to guarantee high-quality air-conditioning worldwide thanks to our Made in ltaly production.


The company aims to be a trusted partner for the air-conditioning market.

An innovative company that, thanks to its qualified staff produces high-quality Made in ltaly products with an eye for sustainable growth and environmental safeguard. Our primary goal is the Customer's satisfaction and trust.

From that date until today we have become a leading reality in Italian and European market; not only for residential and commercial air conditioning, but also for the Made in Italy production of highly efficient inverter heat pumps.

The production activity started in 2011 has led us today to be in the Italian market between the first 5 companies that produce inverter heat pumps and among the top 15 in the domestic air-conditioning sector. In residential and commercial sectors, our air/water heat pumps are extremely versatile and designed to produce hot water for ambient heating and sanitary use.
Our residential range is characterized by a maximum power up to 35 kW, with energy savings of up to 30% compared to the other products. The new enlargement of our production site and the continuous investments in research are allowing us to expand our product range and offering solutions also for the industrial and tertiary market with air/water chillers and heat pumps from 40 to 350 kW.


We are proud to say that we are a company able to design, develop and manufacture heating and air conditioning products Made in Italy.

The company headquarters is located in Arcole, in the province of Verona, it houses, in addition to the offices, about 7.000 m2 of storage warehouse for finished products and spare parts, to which are added 7.800 m2 of area intended for production. At this we are implementing an expansion of our production with another 4.000 m2.

With 8 lines of production we will meet the ever increasing demand for inverter heat pumps in residential and industrial world, as well as the realization of the wide range of water chillers up to 1.000 kW, the result of the combination of the quality of components used and the innovation that always distinguished us. The two climate chambers divided into 2 units that can be activated separately of the latest generation with maximum test power up to 800 kW, allow us to carry out functional tests both at full and partial loads according to EN14511 and EN14825, Also night without operator, to optimize the performance of the machine working in climatic conditions from -25C to +55C.

Also the storage part is involved by a further expansion with further 2.200 pallet places and two new flammable gas charging stations. The company has also adopted the LEAN methodology in the production process with a consequent improvement also in the component transport system through the Milk-run and the Kanban management for the optimization of the consumption of the components.

Organizational model and management manual

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