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Eurovent Certification

Eurovent certification attests that our products have passed rigorous quality control by laboratories to check the veracity of the technical and performance data published by our company. It guarantees that the products comply with European standards of performance and sound level.

Certified products shown in the catalogue are identified with Eurovent mark. Check ongoing validity of certificate:

EHPA Quality Label for our range i-32V5.

The EHPA Quality Label is a label that shows the end-consumer a quality heat pump unit or model range on the market. The heat pumps that receive the label need to undergo tests according to the international standard EN14511 and EN16147. These tests are executed by EN17025 accredited test centres.

We Are Member Of Austrian Warmepumpe Association

Austrian Warmepumpe is an industrial Association based in Linz that covers the market chain from installaltion to end user. The Association was created in spring 2012 and today over 90% of all heat pump manufacturers are affiliated because all austrian energy supply companies are organized through this association.

HP Keymark certification

HP Keymark certification of European Committe for standardization (CEN) it’s a voluntary certification process for heat pumps in force since 2015, promoted by EHPA - European Heat Pump Association - This Association has the purpose of responding in the best way to the growing regulatory needs of heat pump manufactures, fulfilling the purpose of certifying the energy and sound consumption data declared by energy label. In European market Keymark certification confirm the possibility to acces the incentives accordin government dispositions, in the following countries: France, Germany, Czech Republic Slovakia, Austira, Swisserland Poland and Great Britain.

Eurovent Certification

HP Keymark certification

Management system certificate ISO 9001:2015

FGAS Certificate